Terms of service

As used in this agreement, "user" or "publisher" means the individual or entity using the services (and/or any individual, entity or successor entity, agency or network acting on your behalf), "group" or "we" or "us" means Momento Group for advertising services, and the “parties” means you and Momento Group.

Momento Group has the rights to restrict access to our services to any user under the age of 18 upon registration.
Registration process shall done after the correct personal information has been recorded in the form that dedicated to this purpose, which specified by the Momento Group exclusively.
All information provided to us by the user a valuable and representing him.
The Group has the all right to reject registration requests that contain information that does not meet the minimum requirements.
Momento Group is committed to providing user with all necessary data to invest the services within a maximum period of 72 hours begin from the date of registration finish, but if this period exceeded, the technical support department will be contacted through communication tools that determined by the group management.
Momento Group is solely responsible for the management, implementation and operate all services.   Any additions without the knowledge of the group will expose the user to punitive procedure determined by the group.
All users information have contained within secure databases and systems owned by Momento Group. It's can be accessed only by several persons designated by the group management after ensuring that they maintain the confidentiality of such information.

At Momento Group, we fully adopt the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions.
To review the Google Ltd Terms and Conditions, please visit the following link:

Momento Group has all right to determine the source of the ads we provide to the user through our platforms.

Momento Group is not responsible for the quality, content, and profits of ads whose source is not known .

Momento Group is responsible for providing the user with periodic reports that show the user all indicators of earnings.

The parties prohibited from using cookies and any tricks or software to get fake indicators. In the event of violation of one of the parties, the other may claim compensation or carry out a punitive action against the violator.

The management of the Momento Group may, in the event of a breach of any of the terms by user , freeze its profits account, advertisements or site, until fix bugs.

Users receives their cash payments as monthly payments at the second day of the month following the month of the earnings due, using the payment method specified by the user exclusively when his account registered.

The user is responsible for determining the method of get payment for which he wishes to receive his earning for the first time after registration finish. This must be done before the end of the 28th day of any month.
After the end of that day, this month's earnings added to the next month's earnings, and the user is not entitled to claim that month's earnings before the end of the following month.

  • The additional costs and commissions for wire transfer through the bank accounts of the users shall be determined according to the following:

For payments below 1000 USD: 40 USD

For payments above 1000 USD: 0

PayPal: The transfer fee deducted according to the country

  • After completion of registration, a mutual document "Contract" is created between the Momento Group and the user.


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