- What is the requirements to sign up with us ?

Active Facebook page with a 200K likes.

Sub-Domain name you choose thus we can provide.


- What is the minimum monthly revenue needed to receive the payment ?

The minimum revenue is 300$ every month and if the user's monthly revenue didn't  reach the required amount then this month's payment will be canceled and added to the next month's payment.


 - When are the monthly revenues delivered ?

Monthly revenues are delivered between 25 - 30 of every month on condition that the user's revenue reach the minimum requirements.


- How can i integrate my domain with your name servers ?

By contacting your domain provider and provide it with our DNS address that are mentioned in the email sent to you or through your domain management panel if existed.


- What kind of platform dose Momento Group has ?

Momento Group owns a special platform used for video and article uploads and content management programmed by Momento Group's programming team. 


- How many videos or articles do i have to put on the platform in order to activate the ads ?

To activate the ads you must have a content on the platform of at least 20 videos or articles.


- Can i publish a content that has Copyrights or Ownership rights ?

No you can't publish any kind of content that has a copyright or ownership right because it is considered to be a violation to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service 

- What Are The Information That Should Be Provided To Transfer Revenues Using The Bank Account?
Bank Country.
Bank Name.
Account Owner.
Account Number.
IBAN: International Bank Account Number
Swift Code: Account Number You Get From The Bank

All The Information Above Can Be Provided By Communicating With The Bank That Has The Account.


- I have posted an article/video on my platform but i can't find it ?

This could happen because of a disconnection at the time of saving the content please try re-posting the content and, in case it happened again please it might be because the content violates Facebook's and Google's Terms because our support team is always checking on the content to be eligible to the terms and in case of violation the content is removed immediately.  



 - What Are The Differences Between The Content's Status Colors(Yellow, Green, Red)?

The Colors Refer To The Status Of The Content That You Uploaded, The Yellow Color Refers That The Content's Status Is On Waiting, The Green Color Refers That The Content's Status Is Approved, The Red Color Refers That The Content's Status Is Disapproved.

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